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What is bigger than a gallon?

Units larger than the gallon in liquid measure are as follows: 1 barrel = 31.5 gallons. 1 hogshead = 63 gallons or 2 barrels. For petroleum products the standard barrel contains 42 gallons. In the metric system the basic unit of liquid measure is the LITER, equal in volume to a cubic decimeter, or about 61 cu in.

Beside this, what is a gallon of water in Litres?

The US gallon is used in the United States and is equal to exactly 231 cubic inches or 3.785411784 liters. The Imperial gallon or UK gallon is used in the United Kingdom and is equal to approximately 277.42 cubic inches. Its exact value is defined as 4.54609 liters. One imperial gallon is approximately 1.2 US gallons.

What is gallon of water?

A US liquid gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds or 3.78 kilograms at 62 °F (17 °C), making it about 16.6% lighter than the imperial gallon. There are four quarts in a gallon, two pints in a quart and 16 US fluid ounces in a US pint, which makes the US fluid ounce equal to 1128 of a US gallon.

What are the abbreviations for measurements?

Common cooking abbreviations
Cooking Abbreviation(s)Unit of Measurement
t, tspteaspoon
T, TB, Tbl, Tbsptablespoon
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