4th November 2019


What is backcountry cross country skiing?

Cross-country skiing (sometimes called classic skiing) encompasses several styles, from touring or racing on groomed ski tracks to gliding through deep backcountry snow.

Furthermore, what does NNN mean in cross country skiing?

Cross-Country Bindings. Most cross-country skis will have one of four binding systems: classic Nordic Norm, New Nordic Norm (NNN), Salomon Nordic System (SNS) or Nordic Integrated System (NIS).

What length of cross country skis do I need?

Use these guidelines for a general idea of a length that may suit you: For classic skis, add 25 to your height in centimeters to determine the length of the ski (in cm). Round up if you are heavier than average. Skating skis should generally be 5 to 10cm taller than you.

What is a NIS binding?

A stronger BC (Back Country) version also exists. NIS (Nordic Integrated System), introduced in 2005 by Rossignol, Madshus, Rottefella, and Alpina, is fully compatible with NNN boots and bindings, but is a different way of attaching the bindings to the ski.
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