30th June 2020


What is avoidance a symptom of?

Avoidance symptoms represent an effort to withdraw from certain situations that bring about body-level distress of trauma-related symptoms. We can also view these symptoms as the activities that people engage in to limit other types of distressing experiences.

Consequently, what causes avoidance behavior?

"Avoidance coping" refers to choosing your behavior based on trying to avoid or escape particular thoughts or feelings. Avoidance coping causes anxiety to snowball because when people use avoidance coping they typically end up experiencing more of the very thing they were trying to escape.

Secondly, what is cognitive avoidance?

Cognitive avoidance is a term that represents several strategies, such as distraction, worry, and thought suppression, aimed at avoiding or escaping thoughts about undesirable situations or problems.

Is Avoidance a sign of anxiety?

Avoidance Only Increases Anxiety
Avoidance behaviors are any actions a person takes to escape from difficult thoughts and feelings. People with panic disorder often take on avoidance behaviors to sidestep fearful thoughts, feelings of dread, and overall anxiety-related symptoms.

How do I stop avoidance?

You know from experience that avoiding things only makes matters worse, but you do it anyway. 7 simple ways to overcome avoidance.
  1. You delay difficult conversations.
  2. You assume the worst.
  3. You put off projects that create uncertainty.
  4. You don't test the reality of your fears.
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