2nd October 2019


What is an IQ database?

SAP IQ (formerly known as SAP Sybase IQ or Sybase IQ) is a column-based, petabyte scale, relational database software system used for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data marts.

Moreover, who owns Sybase database?

SAP America

Is Sybase free?

Sybase is not the first database company which has tried to compete against open-source databases. Microsoft released a free Express Edition of SQL Server in July and Ingres released the source code for its r3 database in August. Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux can be downloaded free of charge from here.

What is SAP and SQL?

SAP SQL Anywhere is a proprietary relational database management system (RDBMS) product from SAP. SQL Anywhere was known as Sybase SQL Anywhere prior to the acquisition of Sybase by SAP.
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