2nd October 2019


What is an internal quality assurance?

The Internal Quality Assurer is an important role as it maintains and monitors the quality and assurance of qualification and unit delivery and certification and is the main contact between the centre and Awarding Organisation in relation to monitoring activities.

Besides, what is an IQA assessor?

1.3. Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) The IQA is appointed by the centre and oversees the work of an assessor team. They ensure that the assessors are making appropriate and consistent judgements when carrying out the assessment of their learners.

What is EQA and IQA?

External quality assessment (ex q a) is the challenge of the effectiveness of a laboratories quality management system. EQA typically refers specifically to the challenge of quality systems in a medical laboratory.

What is the meaning of EQA?

External Quality Assessment (EQA) sometimes referred to as Proficiency Testing (PT) is an essential aspect of any laboratory operation providing a means of assessing analytical performance compared to other laboratories using the same method and instrument.
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