What is an idler axle?

A brake axle would have brakes, either electric or hydraulic drum or disc brakes while an idler hub would have no brakes. Many times, a tandem axle trailer will have one braking axle and one idler axle.

What is a torsion axle on a boat trailer?

Torsion axles are a type of suspension for trailers that eliminate the need for leaf springs. They work by flexing rubber cords in the axle tube to create torsion and flex creating suspension for the trailer.
  • How do you measure a trailer axle?

    To obtain the hub face measurement, first hook your tape measure to outside art of hub, that is the part of the hub that is facing the wheel. Measure across the axle to the exact same spot on the opposite side. Be careful not to measure to the inside of the hub, only the outside.
  • How do you measure Trailer Springs?

    To measure the free length, refer to letter “C” above. It is important that your trailer is unloaded when measuring the length. When determining length (C), measure from the center of one spring eye to the center of the other spring eye for double eye trailer springs.
  • What is 5 on 5 bolt pattern in MM?

    BOLT PATTERN CONVERSION (mm to inches)
    Five on One Twelve5×1125×4.41
    Five on One Fourteen Point Three — or — Five on Four and a Half5×114.35×4.5 or 5×4 1/2
    Five on One Fifteen5×1155×4.52
    Five on One Twenty5×1205×4.72

What is a Torflex axle?

The Torflex suspension system is a torsion arm type suspension which is completely self-contained within the axle tube. It attaches directly to the trailer frame using brackets which are an integral part of the axle assembly.
  • What is a monkey hook?

    Monkey Hook is the ideal drywall picture hanger hardware for decorating kids' rooms. It installs by hand in seconds (with no tools or studs required) and holds up to 50lbs.
  • What are the plastic screws used for?

    These are often called "lead anchors" or "plastic anchors", and are used as follows: Drill a hole the same size as the anchor body. Push the anchor to its full depth in the hole. Insert the screw through the item being fastened and screw it into the anchor tightly.
  • How do I use a wall plug?

    Part 2 Using Wall Plugs
    1. Match your power drill bit to the size of the wall anchor.
    2. Measure the exact place where you want to hang your item.
    3. Drill a pilot hole into the wall using your correct bit.
    4. Insert the wall plug into the hole.
    5. Insert the screw into the wall plug.

What is a torsion suspension?

A torsion bar suspension, also known as a torsion spring suspension (not to be confused with a torsion beam rear suspension), is a general term for any vehicle suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring.
  • What is a torque rod?

    A radius rod (also called a radius arm or a torque arm) is a suspension link intended to control wheel motion in the longitudinal (fore-aft) direction. The link is connected (with a rubber or solid bushing) on one end to the wheel carrier or axle, on the other to the chassis or unibody of the vehicle.
  • What is a leaf spring on a truck?

    Leaf spring is a suspension system for vehicles that has been used as far back as medieval times. They were originally called carriage or laminated springs. Its system has been tried and true, primarily used on almost all vehicles up to the 1970's and still today on trucks and vans that haul heavy loads.
  • What is a spring rate?

    Spring rate refers to the amount of weight that is needed to compress a spring one inch. If the rate of the spring is linear, its rate is not affected by the load that is put on the spring. For example, say you have a 200 lb. per inch spring - it will compress 1” when a 200 lb. load is placed onto the spring.

Updated: 22nd August 2018

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