18th November 2019


What is an exponential function in algebra?

Until now we have dealt with various calculations of functions and equations where x is either in the base or the exponent. When x is the exponent the function is known as an exponential function. As with any function whatsoever, an exponential function may be correspondingly represented on a graph.

Likewise, what does an exponential function look like?

Exponential Functions. If you think of functions with exponents, you're probably used to seeing something like this. That's the graph of y = x2, and it is indeed a function with an exponent. In an exponential function, the independent variable, or x-value, is the exponent, while the base is a constant.

What is an example of an exponential expression?

Exponential Expressions. The use of an exponential is a very convenient way of expressing the repeated multiplication of a number by itself. The exponent is placed to the upper right of the base number and signifies how many times the base term is multiplied by itself.
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