18th November 2019


What is an example of a reflex action?

Reflex actionStimulusReceptors
Pupil reflexLight intensityRods and cones
Knee jerkTapping patellar tendonProprioceptors/ . tendon stretch receptors
SweatingIncreased body temperatureThermoreceptors
Coughing and sneezing.Irritant material on mucosa of airwaysChemoreceptors

What is the role of effectors in the nervous system?

When a receptor is stimulated, it sends a signal along the nerve cells (called neurones) to the central nervous system. (See diagram to the left.) Usually, the brain - which is part of the nervous system - coordinates a response. An effector is any part of the body that produces the response.

What is an example of a cranial reflex?

Other spinal reflexes involve more than one synapse (see polysynaptic reflex); an example is the withdrawal reflex of the hand from a painful stimulus (such as fire). Cranial reflexes are mediated by pathways in the cranial nerves and brain; examples are the blinking and swallowing reflexes. See also conditioning.
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