18th November 2019


What is an electrical leakage?

In any electrical installation, some current will flow through the protective ground conductor to ground. This is usually called leakage current. Leakage current most commonly flows in the insulation surrounding conductors and in the filters protecting electronic equipment around the home or office.

Just so, what is meant by leakage method?

Leakage method is very accurate way to measure the high value of resistance because of very sensitive ballistic galvanometer with scale & lamp arrangement and very low value of capacitances used in the product.

What is meant by leakage power?

Leakage power is primarily the result of unwanted subthreshold current in the transistor channel when the transistor is turned off. This subthreshold-driven leakage power is strongly influenced by variations in the transistor threshold voltage VT (the voltage applied to the gate electrode that turns on the transistor).

Do all capacitors leak?

There are two kinds of "leakage" in capacitors. The other kind of leakage happens when the capacitor physically leaks its liquid electrolyte. This can occur in a very dramatic way if an electrolytic capacitor is connected backwards, or if an internal short circuit develops due to a manufacturing defect.
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