16th October 2019


What is an automatic train protection system?

Automatic train protection (ATP) is a type of train protection system which continually checks that the speed of a train is compatible with the permitted speed allowed by signalling. If it is not, ATP activates an emergency brake to stop the train.

In this regard, do subway trains have drivers?

Subway systems that don't use automated trains have an extensive collection of signs and signals to help drivers operate the trains safely. A few early subways used steam engines, but in most existing subways, the trains, tunnel lights and station equipment all run on electricity.

What is a train control system?

An Advanced Train Control System (ATCS) is a system of railroad equipment designed to ensure safety by monitoring locomotive and train locations, providing analysis and reporting, and automating track warrants and similar orders.

How does positive train control work?

Positive Train Control (PTC) is an advanced system designed to automatically stop a train before certain accidents occur. Derailments caused by excessive train speed. Train movements through misaligned track switches. Unauthorized train entry into work zones.
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