13th September 2018


What is acceleration power spectral density?

In vibration analysis the PSD stands for the Power Spectral Density of a signal. Each word is chosen to represent an essential component of the PSD. For example, the PSD of an acceleration signal is sometimes referred to as the Acceleration Spectral Density.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does the power spectral density mean?

Power spectral density. For continuous signals over all time, such as stationary processes, one must rather define the power spectral density (PSD); this describes how power of a signal or time series is distributed over frequency, as in the simple example given previously.

What is the power of noise?

In telecommunication, the term noise power has the following meanings: The measured total noise in a given bandwidth at the input or output of a device when the signal is not present; the integral of noise spectral density over the bandwidth. Interfering and unwanted power in an electrical device or system.

What is auto power spectrum?

Power spectral density (PSD) is the metric on the y-axis of a calculated auto spectrum (with frequencies along the x-axis). In other words, the PSD (y) is the amount of spectral power explained by a given frequency band (x) in a time series.
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