2nd October 2019


What is a value delivery system?

Value Delivery System (VDS) Whether you are working in a sales organization or a factory or an R&D lab, you are also a part of a larger system of delivering value to customers. This end-to-end system that collaborates (at least in some fashion!) to deliver value to customers is called a Value Delivery System.

Similarly one may ask, what is to deliver value?

Chapter 4: Value Delivery. “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” The best businesses in the world deliver the value they've promised to their customers in a way that surpasses the customer's expectations. Customers like to get the benefits of their purchases quickly, reliably, and consistently.

What does it mean to create value?

Creating value is the essence of business. But sometimes we lose sight of what value really is. We turn it into an abstract concept – a kind of business-speak – and when we do, we lose that tangible sense of what it actually means to create value in business. Through that service, value is created.

What is the value delivery network?

Value delivery network is a part of supply chain of a company and includes all its direct participants involved in production, distribution, marketing, customer service, etc for given geographical area.
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