21st November 2019


What is a two matched group design?

One important type of experimental design is a matched-subjects design, also called a matched-group design, which is when subjects are matched on some variable that might be affecting the dependent variable and then split into two or more groups.

Beside this, what is a group design?

In the design of experiments, a between-group design is an experiment that has two or more groups of subjects each being tested by a different testing factor simultaneously.

What is a multiple group design?

A multiple-group design compares three or more levels or amounts of an IV. A multiple-group design can have a control group and two or more experimental groups. We can compare three, four, five, or even more differing levels or amounts of an IV.

What is an independent group design?

Independent Measures Design. An independent measures design is a research method in which multiple experimental groups are used and participants are only in one group. Each participant is only in one condition of the independent variable during the experiment.
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