23rd August 2018


What is a triage in NHS?

A AND E INITIAL ASSESSMENT TRIAGE CATEGORY. The category assigned to a PATIENT as a result of an initial assessment by medical or nursing staff in an Accident and Emergency Department. The triage category is used to determine the PATIENT's priority for treatment, and to inform the PATIENT of their waiting time.

Beside this, what is a telephone triage appointment?

The concept of triage is nothing new. The word 'triage' comes from the French verb 'trier', which means 'to sort'. Many practices use experienced practice nurses/nurse practitioners to undertake the role of triage, usually by telephone, for requests for urgent or same day appointments.

What is the purpose of the triage system?

Within the hospital system, the first stage on arrival at the emergency department is assessment by the hospital triage nurse. This nurse will evaluate the patient's condition, as well as any changes, and will determine their priority for admission to the emergency department and also for treatment.

What is the triage system?

Triage refers to the evaluation and categorization of the sick or wounded when there are insufficient resources for medical care of everyone at once. Historically, triage is believed to have arisen from systems developed for categorization and transport of wounded soldiers on the battlefield.
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