2nd October 2019


What is a third of an octave?

A third octave is more like a “third of an octave”, i.e. an octave divided by three. An octave is a frequency band that spans within two frequencies with a ratio of 2:1. For instance, the 1000 Hz octave band spans from 707 to 1414 Hz.

What is an octave band analyzer?

Octave Band Analyzer. Real-time analyzers or octave-band analyzers are special sound level meters that divide noise into its frequency components. Electronic filter circuits are used to divide the sound or noise into individual frequency bands.

How much is an octave in frequency?

For example, if one note has a frequency of 440 Hz, the note one octave above is at 880 Hz, and the note one octave below is at 220 Hz. The ratio of frequencies of two notes an octave apart is therefore 2:1.
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