6th December 2019


What is a tempo run?

Also known as an anaerobic threshold (AT) run or lactate-threshold run, the tempo run was popularized by Jack Daniels, Ph.D., about a decade ago. Here's his definition, taken from Daniels' Running Formula (Human Kinetics): "A tempo run is nothing more than 20 minutes of steady running at threshold pace."

Also, what heart rate zone is a tempo run?

Running 101: Training With A Heart Rate Monitor
Zone 1Active Recovery<80% lactate threshold heart rate (LT HR)
Zone 2Aerobic Threshold81-89% LT HR
Zone 3Tempo90-95% LT HR
Zone 4Sublactate Threshold96-99% LT HR
Zone 5aLactate Threshold100-101% LT HR

What is a Tempo interval?

Tempo intervals are simply tempo runs that are broken into bite-size intervals to help you run longer at your threshold pace, or as an opportunity to run faster than you would for a normal tempo run.

How Fast Is threshold pace?

For highly trained and elite runners, lactate threshold pace is about 25 to 30 seconds per mile slower than 5K race pace (or about 15 to 20 seconds per mile slower than 10K race pace), and corresponds to about 85 to 90 percent max HR. The pace should feel "comfortably hard."
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