4th December 2019


What is a summary activity?

A summary or hammock activity, shown in Figure 5-13, is used to represent groups of activities in a project schedule. It is used to summarize the schedule information for a group of activities and to allow the entire project to be summarized as a relatively few summary activities.

Herein, what is hammock activity in project management?

A Hammock Activity is a schedule or project planning term for grouping smaller subtasks that hang between two dates. The sub tasks are not really related in a hierarchical sense. This means that there is no fixed sequence of tasks – any of these subtasks can be done at any time, but there is no particular sequence.

What is the dummy activity in project management?

A dummy activity is a simulated activity of sorts, one that is of a zero duration and is created for the sole purpose of demonstrating a specific relationship and path of action on the arrow diagramming method.

What is the halo effect in project management?

Definition. The halo effect describes an error in thinking in which you make specific inferences about a person, thing, or process based upon a single trait or general impression. The halo effect distorts a proper analysis of the subject. The halo effect can be countered by the use of independent data in your analysis.
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