11th December 2019


What is a soft G?

Skill: soft g When “g” is followed by: The letter ”g” has two sounds, hard “g” and softg”. The hard sound of “g” occurs more frequently. Its sound is heard in gas, got, gum, etc. Soft "g" sounds like “j”.

What makes a soft c sound?

The letter c can make more than one sound. When the sound of a c is /k/, it is a hard c; however, when the sound is /s/, it is a soft c. When the letters e, i, or y follow the letter c, it makes the soft sound /s/, as in the word city. The letter g can also make more than one sound.

When C is pronounced as S?

It is the same case if "c" and "k" are put together and are pronounced as "k" - click, pluck, tickle, lucky, kick, yuck, wicker (and many words that have "c" and "k" together). The difference between "c" and "k" is: "C" is pronounced as "s" if it goes with the vowel letters, e and i.
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