25th November 2019


What is a saline suppression test for?

In the saline suppression test, the patient is given a salt solution through an IV, after which the levels of aldosterone and renin in the blood are measured. In patients with primary hyperaldosteronism, the level of aldosterone in the blood is still high and the level of renin is low even after this salt loading.

Just so, what is infusion test?

A test used to help diagnose a type of pancreatic islet cell tumor called a gastrinoma. The patient receives a 3-hour infusion of a substance called calcium gluconate and the amount of gastrin in the blood is measured. An increase in the level of gastrin in the blood after the infusion may be a sign of a gastrinoma.

How is Conn's syndrome diagnosed?

Primary hyperaldosteronism is diagnosed by measuring the blood levels of aldosterone and renin (a hormone made by the kidney). To best measure these hormones, blood samples should be drawn in the morning. In primary hyperaldosteronism, the aldosterone level will be high while renin will be low or undetectable.

What is treatment for hyperaldosteronism?

Idiopathic hyperaldosteronism
SpironolactoneAldosterone antagonist
Potassium canrenoateAldosterone antagonist
AmiloridePotassium-sparing diuretic
TriamterenePotassium-sparing diuretic
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