2nd October 2019


What is a product line contraction?

In such a state of affairs, it is true that products do remain alive: but, in the interest of the company, it is desirable to drop them. This dropping of a product or the slimming of the product line is known as product line contraction. When a product is dropped, the turnover of the company is considerably affected.

In this way, what is downward product line stretching?

The introduction of a new product into an already established line of products whereby the newly introduced product comes in at a lower price point. Downward stretching is an attempt to use an already established brand to sell more of a similar product or service.

What is product line filling?

A business strategy that involves increasing the number of products in an existing product line to take advantage of marketplace gaps and reduce competition. Many businesses use line filling to round out an already well established product line and to help increase the market success of new related products.
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