18th November 2019


What is a prevailing torque?

PREVAILING TORQUE. The torque required to run a nut down a thread on certain types of nuts designed to resist vibration loosening. The resistance can be provided by a plastic insert or a noncircular head. PREVAILING TORQUE NUT. A type of lock nut which has a prevailing torque to assist in preventing self loosening.

Hereof, what is locking torque?

torque measuring device while the screw or nut is being fully. engaged but prior to any axial loading. Locking Torque — The resistance to rotation. A measure of the performance of the self-locking device.

What is braking torque of a motor?

Brake torque is the force applied at the brake wheel to stop the motion of the moving equipment. Assuming the operating conditions for the equipment are con- stant, a brake having a retarding torque equal to the full load torque of the motor to which it is applied is usually satisfactory.

What is the definition of running torque?

Breakaway torque is defined as how much torque is required to start a part's rotation from a stationary position. Running torque is the determination of how much torque is required to keep the part rotating at a constant angular velocity once it starts rotating.
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