6th October 2019


What is a post basic certificate?

The Intermediate Certificate is awarded, as defined in Commission Regulation 1011 to currently employed full-time peace officers of a POST-participating agency who possess a Basic Certificate and who have acquired the specified training and education points and/or college degree and the prescribed years of law

Accordingly, how long does post certification last?

Once an applicant becomes POST-certified, the certification is valid for three years. Once a certified officer is hired with an agency, the certification expiration will be extended until three years after the date of separation from that agency.

What is a post certificate?

POTI is pleased to announce the new Peace Operations Specialized Training (POST) Certificate programme. The POST Certificate training programme allows students to specialize in one or more professional areas and earn their POST Certificate by taking a prescribed set of courses as well as a Comprehensive Exam.

What is a Peace Officer Standards and Training?

Peace Officer Standards and Training or Peace Officer's Standards and Training are minimum educational requirement set for Law Enforcement Officers in various regions of the United States of America. These standards are locally set, and vary from region to region.
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