25th November 2019


What is a pitch shot in golf?

A "pitch shot" (or just "pitch") is a shot played with a highly lofted club that is designed to go a relatively short distance with a steep ascent and steep descent. Pitch shots are played into the green, typically from 40-50 yards and closer.

In this way, what is the difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot in golf?

Chipping vs. Pitching. The most common definition of a chip shot is that it has more ground time than air, with very little carry and more time bouncing and rolling on the green. This shot often occurs very close (within a few yards) from the green and requires a smaller swing than a pitch shot.

What is the putting in golf?

Putting is a golf stroke used with a club called a putter when you are on or just off the green. Golfers may use clubs such as the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons to get to the green.
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