16th October 2019


What is a low flow faucet aerator?

Inexpensive and simple to install, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators can reduce your home water consumption as much as 50%, and reduce your energy cost of heating the water also by as much as 50%.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a aerators used for?

Aerators are various devices used for aeration, or mixing air with another substance, such as soil or water. These devices are used to add oxygen to the water. Aerator may also refer to: Floating surface aerators, used in aerated lagoons. Faucet aerator.

How does an aerator on a faucet work?

What is a Tap Aerator and how does a Tap Aerator Work? The aerator acts as a sieve, separating a single flow of water into many tiny streams which introduces the air in to the water flow. Also as there is less space for the water to flow through, the water flow is reduced, resulting in water savings.

Are faucet aerators a standard size?

Typical regular size for a faucet aerator is 15/16" male threaded or 55/64" female threaded, while junior size is 13/16" male threaded or 3/4" female threaded. But wait! If your current aerator is about the size of a nickel, you'll need a regular sized replacement.
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