25th November 2019


What is a known answer question?

A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point rather than to elicit an answer.

So, what do you call a person who asks a question?

What do we call a person who asks questions? Well we can call him asker or questioner. In Quora the asker is called as OP-Original poster. And what about the person who always questions others? Though this questions didn't have any official answers,we can call them socratic.

What is it called when you ask a question and then answer it?

Definition of Hypophora. Hypophora is a figure of speech in which a writer raises a question, and then immediately provides an answer to that question. Commonly, a question is asked in the first paragraph, and then the paragraph is used to answer the question. It is also known as “antipophora,” or “anthypophora.”

Can you answer a question with a question?

There are multiple reasons why people answer a question with a question. 1. Some people ask a question with a question because they do not trust the person asking the question. Depending on your question, sometimes that person's answers can reflect their alliances at work.
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