2nd October 2019


What is a good par rating for carpet?

PAR or Performance Ratings. Performance Appearance Rating is a 1-5 scale that rates how well a carpet will perform over time. A one rating reflects a carpet that displays very poor wear compared to its original look or texture, and a five rating is a carpet that reflects no visible change.

What is the gauge of the carpet?

Gauge is how far apart the yarns are in the carpet across the width, such as 1⁄8 gauge, which is an eighth of an inch or 1⁄10 gauge which is a tenth of an inch. More technically, gauge is the number of needles per inch across the width of a carpet tufting machine.

What does oz mean in carpet?

The last consideration is face weight (weight of the carpet pile) per square yard. "A higher face weight means more yarn," says Grable, "And more yarn makes for a longer-lasting product." As an example, within one product line the "good-level" carpet has a face weight of 40 oz.; the "best-level" weighs in at 63 oz.
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