17th October 2019


What is a good muscle mass percentage?

Muscle Mass. Instead of focusing on muscle itself, most medical professionals defer to body fat to determine if your muscle mass is at an ideal percentage for your height. Women should have a body fat percentage somewhere between 20 and 21 percent. Men should have far less, coming in at 13 to 17 percent.

Just so, what is bone mass percentage?

Human beings are made up of a few basic components such as bone, muscle and fat, and the percentage of each of these components in relation to overall body mass differs according to gender and genetics. Generally speaking, your bones make up about 15 percent of your overall body mass.

How do you calculate your bone mass?

Typically, most methods include the weight of bone and water contained in the bone. This results in a value returned by the scale known as dry bone mass. Dry bone mass is derived from age and lean body mass which is total body mass minus fat. On average a user's dry bone mass will be around 7% of their total weight.

How does a scale calculate bone mass?

Most of these types of scales use bioelectrical impedance. That is to say, they send a safe and very low electrical current through the lower half of the body. Since the electrical current flows more quickly through water and muscle than bone or fat, the scale measures the speed of the current.
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