17th October 2019


What is a forensic pathologist and what do they do?

Forensic pathologists perform post-mortems (autopsies) to determine the cause of death. By studying tissue and laboratory results, they're usually able to determine how a person died and give evidence in court about the cause and time of death.

Also, what is the role of the pathologist?

Pathologists are specialist medical practitioners who diagnose and monitor disease. The primary role of the pathologist is to perform or supervise tests on blood, other body fluids, body secretions and samples of tissue taken at surgery or as a part of a medical examination or autopsy.

How many hours a day does a pathologist work?

However, pathologists most often work in hospitals, offices, classrooms, and laboratories. The typical professional in the field can expect to work a 40-hour work week, but depending on the industry in which they are employed, a work week greater than 40 hours may be expected.
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