7th December 2019


What is a fire warden and what do they do?

Role, Responsibilities and Duties of a Fire Warden or Fire Marshal. Fire wardens (or fire marshals as they are sometimes called) must have a structure or frame work to follow within the organisation to allow their role to work in preventing fires.

Accordingly, what is the role of the fire warden during an evacuation?

If the fire alarm is sounded, fire wardens have a duty to assist in the safe evacuation of workers and visitors from your workplace immediately, and to ensure that their designated area has been cleared. During an evacuation, fire wardens need to: close the doors to help to isolate the fire; and.

What is the deputy warden?

STATE DEPUTY WARDEN. Employees in this job are responsible for the administration of custodial, treatment, education, personnel, and business programs necessary for the operation of a correctional facility. The employee, under the direction of a senior executive warden, develops and implements new approaches to.
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