What is a CEC function on my Vizio TV?

HDMI-CEC allows devices connected to your TV through HDMI ports to communicate back and forth with your TV. The devices can have some control over the TV, and the TV can have some control over the devices. This means you could control your Blu-ray player through your TV remote, for example.

What is HDMI CEC and ARC?

CEC stands for "Consumer Electronics Control," and it needs to be enabled in both the TV and AV receiver for ARC to function. The HDMI-CEC setting is likely located in the general settings menu, and it can go by a variety of names.
  • When was HDMI ARC introduced?

    Version 1.0. HDMI 1.0 was released on December 9, 2002 and is a single-cable digital audio/video connector interface.
  • What does MHL compatible mean?

    Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is an industry standard for a mobile audio/video interface that allows the connection of smartphones, tablets, and other portable consumer electronics devices to high-definition televisions (HDTVs), audio receivers, and projectors.
  • What is HDMI STB mean?

    | Report abuse. The HDMI-STB is for your cable or satellite box, the DVI is for a Blu-Ray or other device. They are virtually the same except that they correspond to different buttons on the remote control.

What is CEC on Panasonic TV?

HDMI-CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control), or "CEC," is a TV feature that makes your devices work better together, but is often disabled by default. Mitsubishi: NetCommand for HDMI. Onkyo: RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) Panasonic: HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync, or VIERA Link.
  • What is an HDMI ARC port for?

    In theory, ARC is supposed to let you have one connection between your TV and whatever you use to create sound: a receiver or a sound bar . You send video to the TV with an HDMI cable, and that same HDMI cable sends audio from the TV back down the same cable.
  • What is Viera Link on a Panasonic TV?

    Viera Link allows the control of other Panasonic home AV devices via the television remote control. By pressing the Viera Link button on the television remote, it is possible to turn on and navigate the menus of other Viera Link equipment.
  • How do I get my Panasonic TV out of Hotel Mode?

    Here's How To Select Hotel Mode
    1. Go to the side of the set and hold down the -/V button on the side of the TV (middle of 5 buttons).
    2. At the same time (holding this button down) press the AV button on the Remote control 3 times.
    3. The Hotel Mode Menu should then appear on screen.

What does Anynet+ HDMI CEC mean?

Use Anynet+ HDMI-CEC on Your 2016 UHD TV. Anynet+ lets you control external devices connected to your TV with one remote. Use the TV remote control to control devices connected by an HDMI cable that support Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC).
  • What is a Wiselink?

    Your Samsung LCD TV containing Wiselink technology lets you access JPEG photos and play MPEG-3 music files from a Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive. Wiselink connects to any FAT16 or FAT32 flash drive, as well as flash memory card readers.
  • How do you use the USB port on a Samsung TV?

    Connect the USB Device with the stored media content into the USB In port of your TV. Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart Control, to access the Home Screen. Using the directional pad on your remote, navigate to and select Source, and then select the appropriate USB source.
  • Can I connect my phone to my TV via USB?

    One advantage that MHL has is support from various TV manufacturers: look on the back of your TV, and if the HDMI port has an MHL logo above it, you can use an HDMI to micro-USB cable to connect the two - the HDMI cable will pass power to your tablet or phone, meaning no need for extra adapters or cables. Bonus.

Updated: 26th October 2019

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