What is a cashmere Christmas tree made of?

The whimsically soft and lightly textured branches of our Classic Cashmere Christmas Tree inspire the family to have a fun and carefree holiday celebration. The tree comes with hinged branches and is pre-lit with clear lights, making it easy to set up.

What are Christmas trees made out of?

The earliest artificial Christmas trees were wooden, tree-shaped pyramids or feather trees, both developed by Germans. Most modern trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but many other types of trees have been and are available, including aluminum Christmas trees and fiber-optic illuminated Christmas trees.
  • How heavy is the house?

    (That would be one awfully big scale, but house movers tell me that most houses weigh in at between 80,000 and 160,000 pounds. Of course, this is sans foundation and concrete floor slabs, and house movers typically are dealing with older, smaller structures that have been stripped of many components (but not always).
  • How heavy is the Empire State Building?

    365,000 tons
  • How much does a train engine weight?

    The larger high horsepower 4 axle units like GP 60 or dash 8 b weigh 299,000 and the big 6 axle road units like SD 70, dash 9 c, AC- 4400, weigh between 389,000 pounds to 400,000 pounds (a full 200 tons) and some are even heavier at 422,000 to 435,000 pounds.

Are real Christmas trees flammable?

The dust that accumulates on an artificial Christmas tree year after year is highly flammable. Pre-lit artificial trees are especially susceptible to this. According to UL, a public safety group, pre-lit trees can also have additional dangerous metal and chemicals, including mercury, cadmium and chromium.
  • Do artificial trees catch on fire?

    Artificial Trees – Even though real trees seem to pose the most threats in the home, artificial trees are equally as vulnerable to Christmas tree light risks. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, fake trees are likely to catch fire when decorators overload electrical sockets with Christmas tree lights.
  • Are oak trees fire resistant?

    However, the fallout that some of these plants produce can certainly fuel the flame. For example, a canopy of oak trees (Quercus spp.) may be fire-resistant, but any dead oak leaves left on the ground become a highly flammable fuel source for wildfires.
  • Can you burn a Christmas tree in a fire pit?

    A hazardous chemical called creosote in the trees can build up and cause fires to burn extremely hot, sending off sparks that can be fire hazards. However, it's perfectly fine to use your tree as kindling for an outdoor fire pit. Just make sure the wood is dry before burning.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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