11th December 2019


What is a cable car called?

A gondola lift is a means of cable transport and type of aerial lift which is supported and propelled by cables from above. It consists of a loop of steel cable that is strung between two stations, sometimes over intermediate supporting towers.

Also, can I use my Clipper card on cable car?

Simply hand your Clipper card to the conductor. The conductor will use a handheld card reader to confirm that your card has a valid pass or Passport or, if it doesn't, to deduct the appropriate fare from your card's cash value balance.

How do the cable cars work?

Cable Cars have no engine or motor on the cars themselves. There, powerful electric motors (originally a stationary steam-powered engine) drive giant winding wheels that pull cables through a trench beneath the street, centered under the cable car tracks (that's what's in that slot between the tracks).

Where do you buy cable car tickets in San Francisco?

Buy a single ticket from a cable car conductor. Each single ride costs $7 (3.5 Euros, 3 pounds). Tickets can also be purchased at ticket booths near the cable car lines. Visit the booth at Hyde and Beach streets, near Fisherman's Wharf, or at Market and Powell streets, near Union Square.
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