4th December 2019


What is a beneficial owner of a company?

Beneficial owner is a legal term where specific property rights ("use and title") in equity belong to a person even though legal title of the property belongs to another person.

Keeping this in view, what is the beneficial interest?

What is 'Beneficial Interest' A beneficial interest is the right to receive benefits on assets held by another party. For example, most beneficial interest arrangements are in the form of trust accounts, where an individual, the beneficiary, has a vested interest in the trust's assets.

What is a beneficial interest in a property?

A beneficial interest is an interest in the economic benefit of property, which is also known as beneficial ownership. The beneficial owner will have the right to income and proceeds of sale of a property which will be held 'on trust' by the legal owner.

What is a beneficial shareholder?

A beneficial shareholder is an investor who owns the economic value and other shareholder benefits attached to shares, such as dividends and tax reliefs, but does not have the shares registered in their name. Often times the shares are registered to another person or entity for administrative reasons.
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