2nd November 2019


What is a backpacker job?

Working in a Backpackers Hostel: Many backpacker hostels around Australia offer backpackers the chance to work for a few hours a week, (mostly cleaning and reception work) in exchange for accommodation. Some hostels do offer full-time paid jobs too.

Accordingly, what is a backpacker hotel?

Hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, and private rooms may also be available.

What is a backpacker in rap?

Backpack rap refers to music that is listened to by backpackers. Backpackers: People who only listen to underground or conscious rap. Backpackers will call things “real hip hop” and say that they only listen to “Hip Hop” as opposed to rap.

What it is a hostel?

Definition of Hostel. A hostel is a budget-oriented, shared-room ("dormitory") accommodation that accepts individual travelers (typically backpackers) or groups for short-term stays, and that provides common areas and communal facilities.
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