16th June 2020


What insurance does Western Dental accept?

If you think you need urgent dental treatment:
  1. call your dentist.
  2. use the NHS 111 online service if you cannot contact your dentist or you do not have one.

Consequently, does Western Dental take payments?

Monthly payment offer of $148 includes a finance charge (11.95% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) up to 48 months) and is contingent upon credit approval. Monthly auto payment and enrollment in a Western Dental plan on an annual basis is required to obtain the pricing stated.

Subsequently, question is, does Western Dental accept Anthem Blue Cross?

To fulfill this mission, our offices accept most HMO, PPO, Indemnity, and government sponsored dental and insurance plans, including Denti-Cal. If your plan is not listed, contact us to see if it is available. Anthem Blue Cross HMO & PPO. California Dental Network.

Does Western Dental do Invisalign?

Often referred to as “Invisalign”, which was the first aligner brand on the market, orthodontic aligners are a removable, virtually invisible solution to straighter teeth. ClearArc™ aligners are priced 40% less than other leading brands and are available exclusively at Western Dental by trained orthodontists.

Is Anthem Blue Cross an HMO?

Anthem Blue Cross Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans cover more of the costs of your health care than any other plan type. With HMO plans, you choose a Participating Medical Group (PMG) or Independent Practice Association (IPA) from the Anthem Blue Cross HMO Network listed in your directory.
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