What insurance code is 328?

By Code: 300 to 399
DMV#NAIC#Company Name
32725143State Farm Fire And Casualty Company
32825178State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
32925275Mapfre Insurance Company
33018023Star Insurance Company

What is the NAIC number for Geico?

GEICO Gen Ins Co - NAIC#: 35882. GEICO Ind Co - NAIC#: 22055. Government Employees Ins Co - NAIC#: 22063.
  • What is the NAIC number for Progressive Auto Insurance?

    Company Information
    NAIC Group Code0155
    NAIC Number16322
    License StatusActive
    AddressPO BOX 89490 CLEVELAND, OH 44101
  • What is NAIC?

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the U.S. standard-setting and. regulatory support organization created and governed by the chief insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories.
  • What does the NAIC stand for?

    National Association of Insurance Commissioners

What insurance code is 639?

By Company Name: E - H
DMV#NAIC#Company Name
10141491Geico Casualty Company
63935882Geico General Insurance Company
10022055Geico Indemnity Company
38124414General Casualty Of Wi
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  • Is it better to wear a bra?

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What is the insurance code for progressive?

By Company Name: N - Q
DMV#NAIC#Company Name
67811851Progressive Advanced Insurance Company
41324260Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
45916322Progressive Direct Insurance Company
69324279Progressive Max Insurance Company
  • What is regulation of insurance?

    Insurance regulatory law is the body of statutory law, administrative regulations and jurisprudence that governs and regulates the insurance industry and those engaged in the business of insurance.
  • What is the Council of the State?

    A Council of State is the name of a governmental body in a country, or a subdivision of a country, with a function that varies by jurisdiction. It may be the formal name for the cabinet or it may refer to a non-executives advisory body associated with a head of state.
  • What can the council do?

    Councils are responsible for providing local services and facilities. Your elected representatives or councillors represent you at a local level – this is known as local government. Depending on where you live, your council is responsible for all or some of the following areas: Council housing.

Updated: 25th November 2019

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