2nd October 2019


What insects eat bacteria?

A few tiny insects (and other hexapods that aren't technically insects, like springtails) even eat bacteria! As for animals, insects eat them too. Insects certainly eat other insects. Pretty much every life stage of every insect—eggs, larvae, nymphs, pupae, and adults— can be eaten or parasitized by another insect.

Hereof, what animals eat bacteria and fungi?

Many different organisms have been recorded to gain their energy from consuming fungi, including birds, mammals, insects, plants, amoebas, gastropods, nematodes, bacteria and other fungi. Some of these, which only eat fungi, are called fungivores whereas others eat fungi as only part of their diet, being omnivores.

What can dissolve plastic?

Plastic will not dissolve if placed in water, but when other chemicals such as acetone are involved, dissolving plastic takes a few minutes and will not harm the environment. Anything made of plastic can dissolve in acetone.

What eats microbes?

Bacteria break down (or decompose) dead organisms, animal waste, and plant litter to obtain nutrients. But microbes don't just eat nature's waste, they recycle it. The process of decomposition releases chemicals (such as carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus) that can be used to build new plants and animals.
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