20th August 2018


What information should be on a VAT receipt?

It will show details of the sale including the tax date, the suppliers VAT registration number and the amount paid for the goods or services. Most importantly, it will show the amount of VAT that the supplier has charged to you (if applicable). A VAT receipt can be in either paper or electronic format.

In respect to this, how do you get an invoice from Amazon?

To print an invoice:
  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Click View Order Details next to the order.
  3. Click View or Print Invoice on the top of the order summary.
  4. Click your browser's Print button.

Do Amazon prices include VAT?

About VAT on Sales by Amazon. VAT is charged on orders sold by Amazon within the European Union (EU). The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and/or price displayed for goods sold by Amazon are inclusive of UK VAT. However, your final price may differ depending on the actual VAT rate that applies to your order.

How can I copy my Amazon invoice as a PDF file?

Once you find your order, click on order details on the top right. This will open a printable version of your invoice. To print this as a PDF: In Chrome: Under Destination, click Change and chose Save as PDF.
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