21st November 2019


What happens when you increase the magnification on a microscope?

Light Intensity Decreases. The light intensity decreases as magnification increases. There is a fixed amount of light per area, and when you increase the magnification of an area, you look at a smaller area. Image brightness is inversely proportional to the magnification squared.

Similarly, you may ask, how is the diameter of the field of view related to total magnification?

There is an inverse relationship between the total magnification and the diameter of the field of view – i.e., as magnifications increases the diameter of the field decreases in proportion, so the diameter of field of view at different magnification can be calculated mathematically, using the formula.

How does the field diameter change when magnification is increased?

As magnification increases the field diameter decreases. refers to the ability of the microscope to stay nearly in focus when moving between objective lenses of different magnification.

Is it better to increase or decrease the amount of light when changing to a higher magnification?

Is it more desirable to increase or to decrease light when changing to higher magnification? Increase light because the objective lens opening decreases with increasing magnification, allowing less light to enter.
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