25th November 2019


What fuel is 91?

The selection of octane ratings available at the pump can vary greatly from region to region. Australia: "regular" unleaded fuel is 91 RON, "premium" unleaded with 95 RON is widely available, and 98 RON fuel is also reasonably common.

Similarly, you may ask, what grade is 91 octane gas?

“But it is a choice. Slightly better fuel economy is there, but it's not worth the huge price gap from regular to premium.” Most gas stations offer three octane levels: regular (about 87), mid-grade (about 89) and premium (91 to 93).

What does a higher octane gas do?

This is the same as saying your engine is designed to perform its best with a specific octane rating of gasoline. A "high-performance engine" has a higher compression ratio and requires higher-octane fuel to prevent it from prematurely igniting fuel before the spark plug does it.
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