What freezes faster water or salt water?

Answer 1: While pure water freezes at 0°C (32°F), salt water needs to be colder before it freezes and so it usually takes longer to freeze. The more salt in the water, the lower the freezing point. Often, salt is put on roads to melt ice.

Which liquid will freeze the fastest?

Transcript of Which Liquid Will Freeze The Quickest. The purpose of this experiment is to see what liquid freezes the quickest in 32 degrees. In my science project I froze four different liquid: Water, milk, juice, and soda. Water freezes when the temperature is dropped to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Which liquid evaporates at the fastest rate?

    The NPR evaporated at the fastest rate and the alcol was the second fastest and the water was the third fastest. By analyzing this data, I found out that NPR(acetone) will evaporate the fastest, following by alcohol then water; milk, soda and syrup evaporated last, depending on its constitution.
  • How long does it take for a cup of water to freeze in the freezer?

    Totally depends on the conditions. If we're talking about pouring some tap water into an ice cube tray and sticking that in your freezer, it will probably take about 3-4 hours. If we're talking about a lake freezing over in the wintertime, it will probably take several days or even weeks.
  • How do you turn water into ice instantly?

    Place some ice cubes in a clear mixing bowl and carefully unscrew the bottle lid. Slowly pour your supercooled water into the bowl. As it hits the ice cubes the water will crystallise, freezing almost instantly. You can create impressive 'ice stalagmites' and even freeze the water back into the bottle.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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