3rd December 2019


What foods are high in nucleotides?

Sources of dietary nucleotides : 1) Since animal muscle is naturally rich in ATP, meat (pork, beef, chicken), fish and shrimps are excellent sources of purine nucleotides; 2) Baker yeasts are naturally rich in RNA and yeast extracts are excellent sources of both purine and pyrimidine nucleotides.

Just so, which foods contain nucleic acids?

All meats, including organ meats, and seafood contain high levels of nucleic acids. Meat extracts and gravies are also notably high. Of these foods, organ meats such as liver have the most nuclei, and are therefore highest in nucleic acids. Conversely, dairy products and nuts are considered low-nucleic acid foods.

Where do we get our nucleic acids?

Nucleic acids in your food get broken down, and are then used as the building blocks for your own DNA. Nucleic acids are found in almost all cells, so they are present in almost all foods.
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