28th November 2019


What food is Belgium known for?

It is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food. Outside the country, Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer.

Regarding this, what is produced in Belgium?

Made in Belgium. Belgium is the world's biggest exporter of diamonds and carpets. Joint second on the country's list of exports are vegetable fibres, chocolate and margarine, third is glass and joint fourth are eggs, non-alcoholic drinks and cars assembled in Belgium.

Which town in Belgium is famous for diamond cutting?

Antwerp's diamond district, also known as the Diamond Quarter (Diamantkwartier), and dubbed the Square Mile is an area within the city of Antwerp, Belgium. It consists of several square blocks covering an area of about one square mile.

What is the major export of Belgium?

Belgium exports machinery and equipment, chemicals, finished diamonds, metals and metal products and foodstuffs. Its main exports partners are its neighbouring countries Germany, France, and the Netherlands, but also UK, US and Italy. In 2013, Belgium exports to other EU Member States increased by 1.9%.
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