2nd October 2019


What exactly is bleach?

Types of Bleach. There are several types of bleach. Chlorine bleach usually contains sodium hypochlorite. Oxygen bleach contains hydrogen peroxide or a peroxide-releasing compound such as sodium perborate or sodium percarbonate.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is bleach and oxidizer?

Examples of oxidizers include organic peroxides, such as benzoyl peroxide, and other types of oxidizers, such as concentrated nitric acid, sodium hypochlorite (also known as bleach), oxygen, concentrated or heated perchloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, and concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

Why is bleach basic?

Chlorine bleach is strongly basic. We actually make it by dissolving chlorine gas in a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide, which forms sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride, in the following equilibrium. Hydrogen peroxide which is also sometimes used as a bleach, is not particularly acidic or basic.
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