18th November 2019


What does vehicle borne mean?

vehicle-borne transmission - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vehicle-borne transmission. (noun) indirect transmission of an infectious agent that occurs when a vehicle (or fomite) touches a person's body or is ingested.

What is a vehicle transmission in microbiology?

An example of a disease that may be spread by droplets is measles. Common-vehicle transmission refers to agents transmitted by a common inanimate vehicle, with multiple cases resulting from such exposure. The third method of transmission, airborne transmission, refers to infection spread by droplet nuclei or dust.

What are the five means of transmission of infection?

Five common ways germs are spread: Nose, mouth, or eyes to hands to others: Germs can spread to the hands by sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the eyes and then can be transferred to other family members or friends. Simply washing your hands can help prevent such illnesses as the common cold or eye infections.
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