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What does the T value mean in an independent t test?

The independent samples t-test compares the difference in the means from the two groups to a given value (usually 0). In other words, it tests whether the difference in the means is 0.

Hereof, what T value is statistically significant?

A statistically significant t-test result is one in which a difference between two groups is unlikely to have occurred because the sample happened to be atypical. Statistical significance is determined by the size of the difference between the group averages, the sample size, and the standard deviations of the groups.

Also to know, what is an independent samples t test used for?

Independent Samples t Test. The Independent Samples t Test compares the means of two independent groups in order to determine whether there is statistical evidence that the associated population means are significantly different. The Independent Samples t Test is a parametric test.

What is the P value in an independent t test?

Independent group t-test
This t-test is designed to compare means of same variable between two groups. The interpretation for p-value is the same as in other type of t-tests. In this example, the t-statistic is -3.7341 with 198 degrees of freedom. The corresponding two-tailed p-value is 0.0002, which is less than 0.05.

Is a high T value good?

If the t value is high, it means that the 'net' difference between the scores for EACH participant is relatively large, and could be evidence that the intervention variable or the treatment was effective. Strong evidence indeed that SOMETHING REAL was happening, and you can reject the null hypothesis!
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