18th November 2019


What does the shading mean in a pedigree?

A shaded circle or square means the individual is affected with the genetic trait being referenced.

Likewise, people ask, what is a pedigree chart and how do you interpret it?

Pedigrees are family trees that explain your genetic history. Pedigrees are used to find out the probability of a child having a disorder in a particular family. To begin to interpret a pedigree, determine if the disease or condition is autosomal or X-linked and dominant or recessive.

What does a pedigree chart show?

A pedigree chart is a diagram that shows the occurrence and appearance or phenotypes of a particular gene or organism and its ancestors from one generation to the next, most commonly humans, show dogs, and race horses.

What does a circle in a pedigree chart represent?

diagram that shows the relationships within a family, is used. In a pedigree, a circle represents a female, and a square represents a male. A filled-in circle or square shows that the individual has the trait being studied. The horizontal line that connects a circle and a square represents a marriage.
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