2nd October 2019


What does the pKa of a drug mean?

pKa is defined as the pH were a drug exists as 50% ionized and 50% unionized. If pKa - pH = 0, then 50% of drug is ionized and 50% is unionized. An acid in an acid solution will not ionize. An acid in a basic solution will ionize. A base in a basic solution will not ionize.

What is the pKa value of water?

The pKa of water is 14 (at 25 C). It is only in some organic textbooks and a few general chemistry texts that the pKa is given as 15.7. The 15.7 value is the result of a misunderstanding of chemical potential, activity, and standard states, as well as a confusion between Henry's Law and Raoult's law.
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