3rd December 2019


What Does the Bee Do to the flower?

This bumble bee is starting the pollination process without even realizing it! When bees land on a flower, like this milkweed flower, their feet often slip into a little groove that holds pollen sacs. When the bee flies away it carries off this sac like a saddlebag stuck on its feet.

Considering this, how does a bee and a flower help each other?

Flowers provide bees with food for their families. The bees take the nectar back to the hive and they store it to feed all the family. The flowers gain because bees carry pollen from one flower to another and pollinate it. Seeds grow in the pollinated flower and new plants will grow from these seeds.

How is a bee beneficial?

The greatest value of honey bees is in their service as pollinators which far outweigh their value as honey producers. The honey bee is well adapted for pollination. Each colony contains thousands of individuals which are available to forage for the food (pollen and nectar) that's required to rear their young.
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