What does the air intake pipe do?

An air intake hose is a cylindrical piece of plastic or rubber, it connects your vehicle's air intake manifold to the air filter box. Your hose can't function effectively if it wears or breaks. A quality air intake hose can improve the flow of air to your vehicle's engine.

Do cold air intakes really make a difference?

The good news is that although claims of actual horsepower and even increased fuel efficiency may vary, cold air intakes will in fact help increase your car's performance. But if you team up the cold air intake with other engine modifications, like a new exhaust, you'll create a much more efficient system.
  • What is an air bypass valve?

    AEM Air Bypass Valve for Cold Air Intakes. AEM's patented Air Bypass Valve virtually eliminates the chance of hydro-lock in the event the filter of your AEM intake becomes submerged in water. On most systems, the valve installs along the upper portion of the inlet pipe.
  • How much does it cost to fix an exhaust manifold?

    This price will increase to around $50 if you go to the dealership, but an aftermarket gasket will work perfectly fine in this situation. With the prices quoted above, you can expect a cost of $18 at the low end for do it yourself repairs to as high as almost $400 at a dealership to repair an exhaust manifold leak.
  • Do dual exhaust increase horsepower?

    If you have dual exhaust tips to a single exhaust, your vehicle will look great, but it's not doing anything to increase power. Dual exhaust will give you a significant power increase because of the engine's ability to breathe better. Thus, if you are trying to increase horsepower, dual exhaust may be worth the cost.

Updated: 19th September 2018

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